The icoone® beauty laser

It is our pleasure to introduce to you a device for the treatment of connective tissue – Icoone BEAUTY laser!

Icoone laser adapts perfectly to its daily use and its results,but with a new design and a new user interface with current technology and therefore being able to evolve easily overtime . The NEW icoone® BODY laser is the innovative, non-invasive technology that grants effective body treatments and offers at the same time a total relaxing experience. The combined effect of micro stimulation with the LED and laser light sources action,allows to deliver specific and focused treatments in adipose areas resistant to diet and exercise, obtaining faster and long-lasting results.

Some details about the Icoone BODY Treatments:
Reduction of fat deposits, cellulite and stretch marks appearance improvement, draining, firming,remodelling,
bloodcirculation, improvement, tissue regeneration, push up effect on buttocks, breastlifting.

Please choose between following body treatments:

ANTI-CELLULITE – Focused treatment for the reduction of cellulite blemishes.
It helps smoothing the skin, improving drainage,blood circulation and harmonizing body shapes, reducing the “orange peel” skin effect.

TISSUE FIRMING – Thanks to the cellular stimulation,this treatment helps to stimulate collagen and elastin giving your skin an immediate firming effect and making your body slim and toned. It’sespeciallysuitablefortoningyourskinafter

ANTI-AGING BODY – Treatments to enhance the quality and appearance of the skin, promoting tissue oxygenation and skin regeneration. They smooth skin achieving a visibly younger look.

SILHOUETTE REMODELING – Designed to work on resistant fat deposits such as the waist line and culottes echeval, this treatment reshapes your entire figure reducing the fat deposits and giving a harmonious appearance.

LIGHT LEGS – Designed to boost blood and lymphatic circulation and to drain liquids, this treatment helps slim and reshape your legs by giving and immediate feeling of lightness and

Some details about the Icoone FACE Treatments:

NECK FACE DRAIN – Draining program and reactivation of the micro circulation upper chest, face and neck.

NECK FACE ONE – smoothing treatment, smoother and reduce fine lines, lifting effect and contouring on face, neck and decollete. Program with a superficial action. It stimulates the superficial layers.

NECK FACE TWO – firming treatment, firm, tone, reduce deep wrinkles and lines of face, neck and decollete. Program with more intense action on the connective tissue.

Possible add on’s: chin sculpt, eye light, smooth face. Costumes are subjected to extra charge.

For the duration of the treatments as well as for details on prices please contact us directly.